Parallel Books.

Become fluent in a new language

“This app is a brilliant idea - It will be well used on my iPad” –Terry McManus (

Read a book in your new language while having a parallel copy in your mother tongue handy for reference. Now thanks to Parallel Books, this technique is available on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Translations will automatically stay in sync, leaving you free to be immersed in the words on the page. Reading a book in two different languages at the same time has never been easier! 

  • Designed for people learning a new language.
  • Displays a book simultaneously in two different languages.
  • Translations stay in sync as you read.
  • Stretchy, “chewing gum" overlay visually connects parallel content.
  • Chewing gum overlay can be hidden.
  • Translations can be displayed in two columns on the screen, or each translation can fill an entire screen.
  • Continuously scrolls or pages through content without needing to change mode.
  • Tapping on a paragraph shows the translation of that paragraph.
  • Double tapping hides tool bars, giving more space.
  • Multicoloured highlights and searchable notes can be added.
  • Includes day and night themes.
  • Currently books are available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Esperanto, Korean, plus more.
  • Some books include multiple translations in the same language; ideal for literature and translation students
  • Available on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
  • The Parallel Books App is in development for other platforms, including Android
  • New books are being added all the time.
  • All books are currently FREE!